Letting Go

Whenever you make a decision, I think you have a lot expectations as to what that choice will mean. And how it will affect everything in your life. I think that is what makes these kinds of decisions so hard, because you have all these expectations, and what if they’re don’t come true? What if things don’t turn out the way you think they’re going to? Well that’s where all the fun begins I’m learning.

I had all these ideas of what getting a border collie would be like, and how it would change my life. I’m glad to say a lot of these were true, and that a lot of them were not. I was convinced that any BC that was any sort of drive-y would be off the walls, all the time, and that would have been really hard for us at home. We’re bit of couch potatoes when we’re home. I think that was my biggest hesitation when getting the puppy, how would he react to our lifestyle? Would it wreck him? Happy to say that Check is definitely one of our own, a big goofy couch potato. He’s perfectly content to hang out in the living room if I’ve had a long day and can’t go on a hike. He’s learning to love our binge-watching of Parks&Rec. But then the panic set in the first couple of weeks he was home. “If he’s so relaxed at home that must mean that he’s not drivey.” “Oh no, I picked the laziest BC ever, he’ll never be drive-y enough” I was so miserably wrong. This is probably one of the most drivey and focused puppies I’ve ever met. When it’s time to train, which is basically just play for him now, he turns it on so much. And I couldn’t be happir.IMG_7305I was so worried about picking out the “right” puppy. How do you pick out the dog you want at 8 weeks old? They change so much and I was so scared to make that commitment. I asked everyone for their opinion and valued each and everything they told me. What they thought I should do, how I make this decision. But as it turns out the best advice I got was just to jump in with both feet. You can’t predict these things, you just have to go with your gut. I keep reminding myself to do this more and more in life. IMG_7275

I’m trying not to get to caught up in making everything perfect. And making sure that nothing wrong ever happens with this puppy. Mistakes will be made, but wonderful things will happen as well. I probably didn’t train the puppy as much as I should have in the first few weeks  . The list of things to do continued to pile up. Circle Work, decel work, travel plank, and so much more. And I got overwhelmed. How can I fit this all in, and do it all right? So I ended up just putting it off, something I do very well. So we hiked, and swam, and strengthened our bond. Something I’m really glad we did. We’re training more now and he’s phenomenal, and god so much fun. But, we’re still enjoying our hikes, and snuggle times.

IMG_7314I have expectations of what I hope Check grows up to be like, but I’m trying not get caught up in those. We’ll keep trying our hardest, and giving our all in everything we do, and hope it takes us to where we want to go.

I guess I’m rambling a bit, but the point is that just because things don’t meet your expectations all the time, doesn’t mean they’re wrong. The reality might even be better then what you originally thought. I’m trying to let go of all the expectations I have, for myself, for Zippy, for Check, for life.